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The Sick Joke – Visiting Week

26 Aug

I have been looking forward to today for 4 weeks. First day of Preschool!!

Summer camp ended a month ago for my 3 year old twins and I have been counting down ever since then. But, of course, I found out yesterday, it was too good to be true. As it turns out, this week is in fact not the first week back to school for the kids. For their age group it is “visiting week” at their Preschool. Which means that I go with them for an hour everyday all week. That’s it, one hour, and done.

I cried when I heard, literally cried.

Visiting Week. Awesome concept. Get the kids acclimatized, let them meet their new teachers, get used to the routine, ease into the transition.
For this mother of three, who has been to the Zoo, The Aquarium, The Beach and every Park within a 5 mile radius – not so awesome.

I totally grasp the concept and psychology behind it. I’m sure some of this, one hour a day visiting is done so the parents can adjust to leaving their children at school. I was once a first time parent with an only child, I get it. But those days are three screaming kids and 5 thousand sleepless nights behind me.
I have no qualms about teachers peeling a hysterical child off my leg as I walk out of the classroom door and wave bye-bye. I’ve been through this before. They cry for five minutes, demand Mommy comes back. Then, they discover a puzzle or a toy that they like and they might as well be orphans.

As “visiting time” wrapped up today, I seriously considered slipping the teachers some money to keep the kids there for a couple extra hours. It’s cruel to make a mother, feed and dress two 3 year olds, get them into car seats, into school and then send them right back home again after an hour, cruel.

It has been the longest Summer of my entire life. I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned that I am totally capable of taking care of three young children all by myself. I learned that I am much more resourceful than I look. I learned that going to bed exhausted after a long day of hard work feels fulfilling. I learned that no matter how hard I try, I will always hate the feeling of sand on dry feet. I learned that I have to eat every few hours or I develop an intense uncontrollable rage.

The biggest thing that I learned, is that despite all my complaining, fear and sarcasm, I actually enjoy my children. I love being their Mommy. I do prefer them in smaller less intense doses, but overall, I am enjoying this gig.

I am easing into the Mommy thing. All I need is these kids back in school so I can have some refueling time and all will be well again in the Mommyhood.

Visiting week. Really?



Carnival from hell

23 Apr

It’s quite possible that I am the only mother on earth whose children hate carnivals. All last week I told the kids how much fun we were going to have at HB’s school carnival today. But as we approached and I spotted the Pirate’s Booty truck I knew things were going to go terribly wrong. That could only have meant one thing: a Godforsaken guy dressed as a pirate primed and ready to scare the living crap out of the twins. I had totally forgot about the pirate until that moment, and the twins were walking in blind. Last year, when J first encountered Mr. Pirate, he was shaking so badly someone asked me if he was having a seizure. And it took poor little T two weeks to stop screaming “Piwat NOOOOOO!”

I decided I could handle this. We’ll just go straight to the petting zoo, grab some food and avoid captain hook. We got to the petting zoo and handed over no less than forty dollars worth of tickets for the kids to have the privilege of petting goats, sheep and a turkey. Next thing I knew, all hell broke loose. Apparently a sheep BAAAA’d right in J’s ear and he went ballistic. Which in turn sent every child under the age of three into a tailspin. I grabbed the twins and ran out of the pen as if the place caught fire. Luckily for no one, I slammed right into the damn pirate who thought some Booty might soothe their screams. Needless to say we bolted from the carnival in a hurry. HB kept asking, what happened? Why are we leaving? T and J pretty much screamed the entire walk home.

I think it’s safe to say that we are going to sit next year’s carnival out. My three angels might actually be ready by then, but unfortunately I will still be recovering from today.


Ever had a similar day from hell?

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